It is a time of significant changes – those happening globally but also these in my private universe. It is though my point of view that determines how I experience everything around me. It is no wonder that I am focused mainly on myself and through the photography – on portraits of me. Ordered at various photography shops which I like to visit from time to time on my way around Poland, they are always a symbolic index for me also in my very personal journey. However, now, in a reality where the lack of social life means a definitive end of local photographer’s business, all I am able to do is to use the madness of digital applications to stylize my face in the privacy of my home exactly as I can only imagine. To celebrate the traditional photographers’ services from the 90’s, named collectively by me as Fotexpol, but also to simply make me (and maybe you) feel better in these strange times, I do this project as a “tribute to myself”. Have fun.