Photographs of the Paniak family


My doctoral dissertation with its both theoretical and practical parts is a project about identity understood in the context of family photography. It is me – Marcela Paniak – who is the main character of this project. While completing my diploma I use my name and my surname which is the signature my photographic work for 10 years now. I play the role of various characters from the Paniak family (portraying myself or being portrayed by other photographers) to check how we present our true/false image through common photographic traditions. All photos are produced by using traditional methods present in photography 100 years ago and nowadays. So it is also a try to understand the issue of family photography, which was not distinguished as an independent genre against the background of others. Ultimately, the photos of the Paniak family resemble ordinary family photos. However, by the method of their production together with personal experiences we realize how photographic medium is used throughout its existence to represent the image of ourselves.




The magazine is the result of combined work progressed by photography students of the Film School in Łódź. It combines the experiments with materiality and content that all together constitutes the publication with photographs and articles about its topic. The journal is published in paper version as a unique object full of images and texts and in digital version as a website presenting intermedia projects also of invited guests. It is an original proposition for all readers from the school community and all other people. Together with the entire editorial group, we try to make it an original proposition for all readers from the school community and for many others.