Photography is a unique medium that is at the same time in the center of interest of specialists and in common use by all of us. Seeing all the similarities and differences between the two ways of thinking about photography contributes to look at photography more comprehensively. Recently, it is very important to consciously understand the meaning of photography present in our culture that is not without significance for our personal lives. I always try to point to this issue, especially as the organizer of photography exhibitions presenting photographs from various communities.




The archive consists of various complementary elements: exploring, preserving, archiving, digitizing, publishing. Each of these stages is crucial for the activities of institutions that care about archives, especially now – at the moment when analogue meets digital. The archivist’s work helps to commemorate history that has particular significance for the country’s cultural heritage.


As part of my institutional archival work, I deal with film-related materials at the National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute.